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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Filling the inventory

When last we met Cinzia was working on her short rows scarf. She was planning on alternating a solid brown yarn with this variegated but after a few segments she decided she didn't like the way the two fibers didn't mesh well together. The variegated yarn is very organic and raw while the brown yarn was plied differently and gave off a sheen that didn't seem to look right against the other. We all agreed that she made the right choice to not use the brown. 
So now the brown yarn is becoming the Palindrome Reversible Cables Scarf. This is one of those patterns that will amaze you even as you knit it because you can't figure out how on earth those cables can look the same on both sides! It takes me forever to knit one because I keep stopping to turn it over and over and marvel at the "reversibility" of it.
 Liz has made progress on her Noro Striped scarf. That's the same brown yarn Cinzia is using on her Palindrome. I guess we had many skeins of it! 
Elaine misplaced her lovely Mistake Stitch Scarf and just recently found it again so she's finishing it up.
She did however, finish a bulky weight cabled hat. Beautiful stitchwork!
 And I haven't made much progress on my version of the Mistake Stitch Scarf. I was away all last week taking care of the grands so I didn't have much knitting time on my hands.
 The evening group is still working on all the scarves and hats that were highlighted the last time I posted on the blog. 
 Beth had a surprise for us though. Many weeks ago she and Carole talked about the scarves they were making using their favorite baseball teams' colors; two colors designate away wins and losses and two designate home wins and losses. Well, look at how well Beth's Pittsburgh team is doing! Those wide bands of stockinette stitch are the wins. She knitted the losses in garter stitch which is bumpy because losses are bumpy afterall.
And then last week when I was visiting my daughter and grandsons I caught them in a quiet moment when Moose was reading to his little brother. There aren't many moments of tranquility with two little boys, so I had to catch this on camera to remember how they can be still for a minute or two!
They'll be all grown up before you know it. Gotta catch these precious times while I can.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Scarves everywhere

Yay! Barbara finished her Mistake Stitch Scarf! She didn't really take all that long but it always seems to take forever when you're in the middle of it. Now she has to weave the ends and it's ready for inventory.
Liz took her striped scarf home last week to get it started and she's off and running now. Last week we were just talking too much and she had a heck of a time with it. 
 Cinzia had to weave in ends on her finished Wingspan and then she added it to the inventory.
 Now she's working on a wavy scarf using short rows and Noro Kureyon and a solid wool, the name escapes me right now.
 Sofia joined us this week and will be a frequent visitor over the summer while school is out. She finished her baby hat and made the perfect little pompom for it.
 Now her DP's are flying through another project. And to think she is a beginner knitter!
 Thank you's go out to Gaye Holton for donating two lovely afghans to our inventory. She lives at a local assisted living facility and we love being the recipients of her handiworks.
 Carole blocked her Cabin Fever jacket and it looks beautiful. We were saying it looks like something little Prince George should be wearing. Her stitch definition on this is perfect.
 Maureen's slouchy hat grew many inches tonight.
 This is what it will look like when finished. Lovely cables!
 Nothing exciting to see here, just my two scarves. I was so bored with beige and white that last night I started....
 a pattern called Tubularity by Martina Behm. It is constructed on the bias as a long tube which you can wear like a cowl over your head or you can flatten the tube and wrap it around your neck like a scarf or shawl.
 These are some of the yarn remnants I've chosen to use for it. There will be bands of these colors on the bias along the scarf.
I'm looking forward to seeing this finished...who knows when?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Starting over

Everyone started new projects today.
 Liz started a Noro Striped Scarf... 3 times. It was one of those days where talking and knitting don't mix. Once she got home to a quiet house she started it again and was off and running.
  Cinzia started a Wingspan with a solid and a gradient yarn. This is going to
            be spectacular.           
 Elaine started a hat. The ribbing is 1X1 but the knit stitches are knit through the back loop giving it a more defined, almost raised stitch.     

 I blocked my Cathedral Scarf which I made for myself. I used Karin's yarn called The Rising of the Moon.
Elaine finished her baby blanket which will go into storage for the next baby donations since we dropped off our latest donation earlier. This is the reverse side and it looks as nice as...
      the front side. The yarn is a machine washable, soft acrylic.
 I started a Mistake Stitch scarf since I finished the scarf I showed you last week. I shouldn't have chosen to knit two beige scarves in a row though. I need something colorful now!
 Dorah started this scarf last week as the Reversible Stripes Scarf which has vertical stripes on one side and horizontal stripes on the other. But after many starts and stops she opted to make a simple Noro Stripe Scarf instead. You know my motto, if it's not fun, don't do it!
 Carole started a Palindrome after seeing mine and feeling inspired. Since the yarn and needle are a lighter weight than what I used she added another cable to widen it.
 Maureen decided to start her slouchy hat over again too. Her original choice of yarn was too light weight for gauge so she switched to a worsted weight and now it's on track again.
We Chicks are hoping to make these items to leave around town next fall as the season turns cold so anyone who needs the warmth can grab what they need when they see it. Now we just have to find a good place to stash the items.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Time to donate!

It's time to take inventory and photograph our donation. So many cute little baby clothes! 
There were 26 sweaters of all styles. Some had matching hats too! Those two blocks on either side are holding sweaters that haven't yet dried from their blocking.
 There were 3 lovely crocheted blankets and...
 30 hats, 3 pairs of booties, and 9 pairs of mittens. These items will go to Albany Medical Center to be distributed wherever they are needed.
 Barbara made us all laugh because she couldn't let us see her Mistake Stitch scarf again this week. She was quick with that pillow. Kathleen brought us a finished red hat and blue scarf, sitting at her side on the couch cushion. Now she's working on a Mistake Stitch scarf with the green and red variegated yarn. She started a linen stitch scarf with it but it didn't go well and the yarn was not cooperating. So then Kathleen decided on a Feather and Fan scarf but the busy-ness of the colors in the yarn did not allow the pretty stitch pattern to show up. Frogged again! Now she is going back to the "Tried and True" Mistake Stitch scarf and it looks great. 
Liz added rows to her hat and Elaine continued on her blanket for a future donation when we give baby items again. 
 The multi-talented Cinzia added some crochet rows to a sweet little baby top and now it just needs some buttons.
 Carole tried something new to her, knitting both sleeves of a sweater at the same time on one needle using the Magic Loop method. This is a great idea to insure that all your decreases occur at the same spot on both sleeves and they end up being the exact same length. If you have a flexible long circular needle you should give it a try. I'm sure you'll like the results. Plus both sleeves are finished in one fell swoop!
 Beth started a Mistake Stitch scarf too using a very colorful yarn that has lots of texture. This is going to be a cheerful garment!
 Maureen started a slouchy hat with some of the yarn from our California Yarn Angel and 
 I picked up stitches on a scarf she sent us so it can be finished and added to the inventory.
 Then Dorah picked out two lovely yarns from the same supply and she started a Reversible Stripes scarf. Horizontal stripes on the front and...
 vertical stripes on the back! A.MAZE.ING! We still can't figure out how that works!
It's always fun when knitting befuddles us!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Yarn!

We Chicks have another Yarn Angel! Many thanks go out to Shelly for her generosity to our group. As you can see by the expressions on the faces it's like Christmas in May!
Barbara found a soft yarn to cuddle and patterns began swimming in her head.
I think she found another one she likes in that bag.
Kathleen had an armful but I think she's waiting until she finishes her current project before she stakes her claim.
Watch out Barbara! Liz is looking at that one you liked. LOL!
I found a couple I liked too. This will make a nice cowl.
Ok! Now it's time to get back to business ladies.
Barbara finished the Feather and Fan blanket.
She used a cotton yarn which makes it a good spring and summer weight blanket. It also shows up the stitch definition nicely.
Liz and Kathleen were hard at work on their hats and while Barbara was still plugging away on her Mistake Stitch Scarf.
Cinzia's baby sweater looks so cute! Can't wait to see it finished.
Kathleen's Mistake Stitch Scarf is finished too.
This evening Beth enjoyed checking out the new stash too. Carole looked through it earlier and oohed and ahhed her way through every bag.
Beth finished a baby hat and made a cute little knitted button for the top.
Then she showed us this pattern she bought years ago to make herself a sweater. She even bought the recommended yarn. 
After many starts and stops she finally came to the realization that she doesn't like the sweater, it will never fit her, and the yarn is as smooth as sandpaper!
She had to make an executive decision and it will be frogged to become this.
After a rough start with the Irish Hiking Scarf, she frogged the scarf too. There's just something about that yarn! The pattern said to cast on 40 some odd stitches and "odd" they were. The scarf was about 20 inches wide! I can see this yarn is going to give her a run for her money.
Carole's baby sweater has made it to the underarm and the sleeve stitches are on hold so she can knit the body.
I made good progress on the Palindrome Scarf using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice that I found in my stash from a long time ago. I'm surprised at how quickly it's knitting up.
Two weeks ago I attended an open house at my friend Karin's studio. I couldn't resist this beautiful chambray colored merino and silk blend yarn to make myself a scarf. The color, The Rising of the Moon, is going to go great with my jeans. This pattern is called Cathedral and I think I'm going to love it.
This is something else I made just for me. It's the Foolproof infinity scarf. I used MadelinTosh for the mustard color. Its a blend of cashmere and merino. The turquoise is another of Karin's beautifully hand dyed yarns and it's a blend of silk and merino. 
You'll have to use your imagination to feel the softness of these yarns together.